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Introducing Dermajet Pro, new modern equipment based on the technique of the award-winning Dermajet Silver, with important technological updates inherited from its older sister Dermajet Morfologic. Now it is easier than ever to achieve a more perfect beauty. Thanks to a new intuitive screen and a lighter and more practical handle, we managed to increase the results both in a localized drainage and in a more efficient reduction of centimeters.

Reduce, mold and stylize your silhouette now is easier than ever.


Manipulo Dermajet 1

Equipo para adelgazamiento localizado, rapido y duradero. Endomasage y Ultrasonidos

Dermajet Pro


    • Endomassage.
    • Ultrasound of 1 Mghz, for obesity reduction.
    • New handle and accessories, more ergonomic and lighter.
    • 7 ‘touch screen. Digital control.
    • Desktop equipment. Optional foot.
    • Guaranteed results.
    • The best market price in its segment. Ask us





What is it for?

Dermajet Pro is a complete work equipment with nine preset modes for::

  • Overweight treatments according to the Body Mass Index.
  • Cellulite in all its grades (3 treatments available).
  • Post-liposuction treatments. It allows us to work flaccidity, blood and lymphatic drainage.
  • Program for toning and muscle pain.



What effects does it have?

Effects in the internal sphere

      • Dissolution of the adipose pannicula in a localized way and elimination of the fats through the lymphatic and venous system.
      • Destruction of the adipose cell membrane of the subcutaneous tissue.
      • Increase in the permeability of the cell membrane.
      • Friction of the molecules and increase of the internal temperature.
      • Improvement of cellular metabolism and greater exchange of fluids.
      • Greater contribution of nutrients to the cells.
      • Drainage of interstitial fluids.
      • Improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation.
      • Helps to fragment the sclerosed fibers.
      • Muscle level stimulation by decompression massage.
      • Relief of muscle aches by increasing the temperature to internal levels.
      • Penetration by sonophoresis of diffusion enzymes that help the lipolytic effect.

In the external field

      • Disappearance of cellulite and orange peel.
      • Reduction of contours.
      • Improves the elasticity of the skin by improving the quality of fibroblasts.
      • Anti-aging effect.
      • Lifting effect thanks to the improvement of elasticity.
      • Selective body remodeling.


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