Cocoa based body treatment kit

Swiss chocolate has the aroma of the most expensive cocoa. Applying these products after a massage will stimulate blood circulation, eliminate toxins and treat cellulite.

In treatments for feet, hands and very dry areas of the body will enrich and nourish the skin. It will feel younger and smoother only following two steps: first apply the Orange Massage Cream in the area and afterwards the Chocobeauty mask that you choose for 20 minutes.

We highly recommend the chocobeauty masks for relaxing and detoxing treatments. It’s a decadent option to pamper your clients.

Chocobeauty products:

Chocobeauty Facial Mask

  • Antiaging treatment
  • Firming treatment
  • Nourishing treatment
  • Relaxing treatment

Stimulates, nourishes and regenerates the skin and, moreover, it has an antioxidant effect. It is indicated for anti-cellulite treatments, localised obesity or relaxing massage.

Chocobeauty Swiss

It has a specific application that nourishes and hidrates toneless skin with a highly stimulant and antioxidant effect.

Specially indicated for ending treatment to cabin or Spa.