RESTORER SPECTRA RadioFrequency Monopolar amd Hexapolar.

Equipo completo Radio Frecuencia Restorer Spectra

Complete equipment of Radio Frecuencia Restorer Spectra

“RF multisystem”

We take to the extreme the search for perfection and efficiency with Radio Frequency, breaking in this process some existing paradigms. Restorer Spectra is Multiple and is endowed with a unique combination of two work systems from which the new and exclusive applicators have been created of 10mm, 20 mm y 72 mm interchangeable, that allows to perfom facials and corporals treatments meticulously with the power and maximum effective temperature in each area and treatment, adapting automatically to each type of skin.

INDICATIONS: Facial flaccidity – PEFE (celullitis) – Scars and Stretch Marks – Coadjuvant in Localized Obesity, etc.

Acts in three tissue levels. Improve the architecture of the skin. Improves the quality of Collagen. It promotes the contraction of the connective tissue. Accelerates the creation and regeneration of tissues. Improves microcirculation. Increase hydration. Improves cellular oxygenation. Facilitates the contribution of nutrients. Accelerates catabolic elimination. Very safe and painless treatment.