Nueva tecnologia TriColor

New TriColor technology

A session with the newest in beauty: we introduce the new Beauty Light Therapy (BTL) by Dr. Müller a new technology that combines three types of light therapy which are essential and very beneficial for rejuvenation, whitening and detoxification of the skin.

It is a new therapy, scientifically proven, which ensures you a healthier appearance, much younger and that will make you feel re energized for the actual life.

A unique experience that will improve your health, your skin and your beauty.




633 NM


  • Rejuvenation and anti aging
  • Reduction of fine lines and fine wrinkles
  • A reduction in cellulite deposits
  • An improvement in the oxygenation and detoxification of your skin


How does Dr. Müller Collagen lamps work?

Collagen is a human protein produced by cells called fibroblasts that are in the dermis. They are responsible of the thickness, elasticity and support of the skin. Scientific studies have shown that over the course of time and with age, the skin loses its ability to produce new collagen and, in consecuense, fine lines and wrinkles appear.

Dr. Müller Collagen Lamps emit light in the 633nm spectrum. This red light frequency, helps the skin to increase the production of quality collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The result is firmer skin, a younger and healthier appearance.


Natural renewal of collagen and elastin fibers

Collagen light phototherapy reaches the deepest layers of the skin, the dermis layer, precisely the level where the production of collagen protein takes place. With Collagen Light, Collagen protein production activated. It produces more collagen and more elastin, the two proteins that will give a boost to the quality and structural support of the skin.

Lee, S.Y. et al. – A prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded, and split-face clinical study on LED phototherapy for skin rejuvenation. | Download PDF

Decrease fine lines and wrinkless, and generates a visible anti-aging effect

Collagen light phototherapy visibly decreases fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes the fight against visible aging.
Russell, B.A. et al. – A study to determine the efficacy of light therapy in facial skin rejuvenation. | Download PDF

Refines and softens the skin

Reports of research studies indicate that the skin feels much softer after taking collagen phototherapy sessions. In the evaluation, we found general improvements in tone, the softness, clarity and firmness of the skin in the treated areas.
Baez, F. et al. – The use of light therapy in the treatment of photo-aged skin.| Download PDF

Oxygenation and detoxification of the skin

Collagen phototherapy at 633 nanometers increases the transfer of energy between molecules that absorb light in the skin.
Karu, T. – Primary and secondary mechanisms of action of visible to near-infrared light on cells. | Download PDF

Reduce cellulite deposits

Collagen light is very effective not only for skin rejuvenation, but also for skin care, including cellulite decrease. This is due to increased oxygenation and detoxification of the skin in general and, in particular, to its important improvement in blood circulation. When there is a stimulus for the use of collagen light, the skin looks smoother and cellulite is less obvious.

Wang, K.J. et al. – Nonsurgical light therapy for face and body rejuvenation and cellulite & fat reduction. |Download PDF

Improves skin hydration, flexibility and firmness

Due to the increase in collagen and elastin fibers, the skin has more firmness and, in consequence, Increases moisture retention in the skin.
Wunsch, A et al. – A controlled trial to determine the efficacy of red and near-infrared light treatment in patient satisfaction, reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, skin roughness, and intradermal collagen density increase. | Download PDF

Accelerates the natural process of skin renewal

Collagen light helps reduce age points, sunspots and other points of dyschromia on the skin. Activates and accelerates the natural process of skin renewal. How much more collagen production is activated, more the skin is renewed and with it the color problems disappear too.

Sadick, N.S. et al. – A study to determine the efficacy of a novel handheld light-emitting diode device in the treatment of photo-aged skin. | Download PDF

Improves wound healing

Collagen light increases cell regeneration. Wounds and skin with lesions recover much faster if a red light stimulation is performed at 633nm.
Whelan, H.T. et al. – Effect of NASA light-emitting diode irradiation on wound healing. | Download PDF

Stimulates blood circulation

Collagen light sessions increase oxygenation and detoxification in our skin, mainly due to the energy that is transferred through our skin cells in the dermis layer. Research has shown that this also leads to better blood circulation of our body. Collagen light phototherapy increases circulation by relaxing the blood in the treated ares, which allows blood to flow more easily.

Yesman, S. S. et al. – Local changes in arterial oxygen saturation induced by visible and near-infrared light radiation. | Download PDF

Reduce pore size

As time passes and the skin loses its elasticity and stiffness, the pores size of our skin tends to increase. There are studies that have shown that skin renewal significantly reduces the size of facial pores.
Lask, G. et al. – The utilization of nonthermal blue (405-425) and red (633 nm) LED phototherapy in the treatment of mild to moderate acne vulgaris. |Download PDF

Feeling good with the release of serotonin

Due to exposure to bright and intense light, your body increases the production of various hormones, among them the hormone serotonin. This is the natural happiness hormone. That’s why we tend to feel happier when we take light sessions, both solarium and collagen phototherapy.
Kripke,D.F. et al. – A breakthrough treatment for major depression. | Download PDF
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Help weight loss

The same hormone serotonin suppresses appetite. Increasing the level of serotonin in our body not only makes us feel happier, It also suppresses appetite. An example is that most people eat less in warmer weather.
Blundell, J. E. – Serotonin and appetite. | Download PDF
Rozenblit, S.S. et al. – Food anticipatory activity and synchronized the food-entrainable oscillator during time-restricted feeding. | Download PDF

Relieves the pain

The infrared heat generated by the collagen lamps and their intense red wavelength, increases the flexibility of the muscles and they are an aid for myalgia and muscle pain.

Kim,W.S. et al. – Is light-emitting diode phototherapy (led-lllt) really effective. | Download PDF

Accelerates muscle recovery

Collagen light and its energetic heat have a favorable impact on connective and skeletal muscle tissue that has been damaged. After some treatments, recovery is improved after intense resistance exercise.
Lopez, H.L. et al. – Effects of BioCell Collagen on connective tissue protection and functional recovery from exercise in healthy adults. | Download PDF
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532 NM


  • Decrease melanin production
  • Pigmentation reduction
  • Decreases age spots and freckles
  • It improves healing




How does the clarifying light of Dr. Müller work?

The unwanted pigmentation problems – like dark spots or freckles – have lots of causes and can appear on all skin types. This hyper pigmentation manifests with darker areas of the skin caused by an excess production of pigment in the skin, known as melanin.

The lightening light of Dr. Müller acts on the melanocytes, melanin producing cells located in the lower layer of the skin epidermis. This radiation inhibits the production of excess melanin, and prevents it from rising to the surface of the skin, breaking the melanin groups in order to reduce the excessive existing coloration.

As a result, dark spots on the skin gradually fade and the skin takes a more uniform and soft tone in general. Bright light also has a function of sterilization and increased cell growth, allowing the skin to repair wounds more easily. Use bright skin light to keep your skin soft, healthy and bright.


Decrease the production of melanin in the skin

The lightening light affects the melanocytes, and makes these cells reduce the production of melanin. Melanin is the pigmentation of the lower layer of the epidermis, what cause that the skin look darker.

Shin, H.S. and Choi, C.Y. – The stimulatory effect of led light spectra on genes related to photoreceptors and skin pigmentation. | Descargar PDF

Pigmentation reduction

The lightening skin light prevents the formation of new pigment in the skin. Your skin tone will be softer and clearer. Research studies have shown an 80% improvement in pigmentation among patients.

Lee, M.W. – Combination 532 nm and 1064 nm lasers for noninvasive skin rejuvenation and toning. | Desgargar PDF

Reduce redness and erythema, calm the skin

The lightening light has anti-inflammatory characteristics, through which it is able to soothe and soften the skin. With the lightening treatment, redness and erythema can be significantly reduced.
Elsaie, M.L. and Lloyd, H.W. – Latest laser and light-based advances for ethnic skin rejuvenation. | Desgargar PDF

Reduce spots and freckles

The lightening light improves skin tone and unifies its pigmentation. It also reduces pigment macules and decreases tone of existing melanin. Age spots, freckles and lentigines become less visible.
Rashid, T. – Laser therapy of freckles and lentigines with quasi-continuous, frequency-doubled. | Descargar PDF
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Get a lighter skin tone

A reduction in melanin production in the skin also makes less melanin travel to the surface of the skin. So you get a generally lighter and softer skin tone.
Lee, M.W. – Combination 532 nm and 1064 nm lasers for non-invasive skin rejuvenation and toning. | Descargar PDF

Decreased spider veins and rosacea

The lightening green light provides adequate treatment for ruby ​​points on the skin’s surface. This new type of light makes, bit by bit, the small blood vessels let them close and disappear.
Bakus, A. et al – Treatment of facial erythema in skin types I-IV using combination long-pulse. |Descargar PDF



415 NM


  • Very effective in acne treatment
  • Eliminates germs
  • Softens the skin
  • Soothes and improves the skin


How does Dr. Müller blue balancing light work?

Human skin secretes an oily substance called sebum, that lubricates the skin and the hair. An excessive amount of sebum in the skin can clog pores. Bacteria in these clogged pores accumulate which leads to infection, redness and swelling of the skin.

This increase in sebum production has to do with a hormonal imbalance. And it is one of the main triggers for many people to suffer from acne. Acne can not only occur during puberty, but also during pregnancy, in menopause, and there are even factors that can influence its appearance such as medication or lifestyle.

Dr. Müller’s balancing blue light lamps emit blue light at a wavelength of 415 nanometers. This helps the skin reduce its sebum production and eliminates the bacteria that cause infections. The result is a cleaner, softer skin with an appearance more beautiful.


High effectiveness in acne treatments

The balancing blue light at 415 nanometers provides a reduction in facial scars. This light frequency combines the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, and therefore it is an effective means for the treatment of acne vulgaris of mild to moderate severity.
Papageorgiou, P. et al. – Phototherapy with blue (415nm) and red (660 nm) Light in the treatment of acne vulgaris. | Download PDF
Morton, C.A. et al. – An open study to determine the efficacy of blue light in the treatment of mild to moderate acne. | Download PDF

Antibacterial effect

Acne bacteria are sensitive to light, and it is scientifically proven that blue light at 415nm high intensity, is the best energy available to kill the bacteria that live on the skin.

Lubart,R. et al. – A possible mechanism for the bactericial effect of visible light. | Download PDF

Calm and softens the skin

Balancing blue light has anti-inflammatory effects and other benefits depending on the different inflammation conditions in those found on the skin. In addition to killing bacteria, the skin calms and softens.
Shnitkind, E. et al. – Anti-flammatory properties of narrow-band blue light. | Download PDF

Reduce skin infections

The wavelength range of 402-420 nanometers has been declared as the most effective antimicrobial spectral range. Balancing blue light is lethal to many species of bacteria and fungi.
Dai, T. et al. – Propionibactrium acnes, Helicobacter pylori, and beyond? | Download PDF

Provides smoother skin

The sessions with blue light achieve a reduction in the size of scars and erythema, as well as an improvement of the general conditions of the skin. Your skin becomes stable and much less pimples appear.
Lask, G. et al. – The utilization of nonthermal blue (405-425nm) and near infrared (850-890nm) light in aesthetic dermatology and surgery. | Download PDF

Reduce comedones

Research conducted by Dr. M.H. Gold, showed a 40% reduction in the most common injuries, a 65% reduction in pustular lesions, and a 62% reduction in comedogenic lesions.
Gold, M.H. et al. – Clinical efficacy of self-applied blue light therapy for mild-to-moderate facial acne. | Download PDF

Reduces the risk of scars and stretch marks

Post-acne scars are a common and well-known sequel to acne vulgaris. When acne breakouts penetrate deep into the skin, severely damage the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Exposure to blue light helps prevent acne lesions, and therefore prevent him from generating scars.
Chuah, S.Y. et al. – The impact of post-acne scars on the quality of life among young adults in Singapore. |Download PDF

Alleviate the pain

The warmth of the balancing blue light, makes the muscles more flexible and is beneficial for myalgias.

Relieves stiffness, and works as a pain reliever in case of rheumatism, arthritis and muscle pain.
Kim,W.S. et al. – Is light-emitting diode phototherapy (led-lllt) really effective. | Download PDF

Feel good about the effect of serotonin

Thanks to exposure to blue light, your body increases the secretion of the hormone serotonin, also called happiness hormone. We tend to feel happier and energetic during the summer for this reason.

Kripke, D.F. et al. – A breakthrough treatment for major depression. | Download PDF
Farhud, D.D. et al.- Happiness & Health: the biological factors – systematic review article. | Download PDF
Uzbekov, M.G. et al. – Effect of light deprivation on binding activity of serotonin with light and heavy synaptosomes from various brain formations. |Download PDF

Helps to lose weight

Serotonin, it also acts as an appetite suppressant and anxiety reducer. Several scientific studies have shown that obese people who have increased their serotonin level over a period of 24 weeks, has reduced their intake of food and fat, so it has helped to lose weight.

Blundell, J.E. – Serotonin and appetite. | Download PDF
Rozenblit, S.S. et al. – Serotonin suppresses food anticipatory activity and synchronized the food-entrainable oscillator during time-restricted feeding. |Download PDF

Increase the level of self-esteem

Scientific research has also shown that post acne scars have a significantly negative effect in the quality of life of young adults, the majority aware of their scars and feel that this affects their social life,  especially in women: The new blue light, along with the increase of serotonin and the effect of acne decrease, improves mood and self-esteem.

Tasoula, E. et al. – The impact of acne vulgaris on quality of life and psychic health in young adolescents in Greece. | Download PDF