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      • Xtra ultrasonic peeling works in a ultrasonic frequency of 28,500 Hertz which have a penetration capacity of approximately half a centimeter. This oscillation or ultrasonic micro vibration will provoke us, depending on the way we apply it and the combination of different cosmetics, one effect or another on the tissue.

        In the following cleaning functions we will use the spatula at an inclined angle of approximately 45º with the skin always wet.

        In the clean function the micro vibration of the stainless steel spatula combined with the Alesia natura descaling tonic with lactic acid, softens the cellular cement that holds the keratinocytes together.

        The speed of the ultrasonic vibration produces with the tonic an aerosolization effect decomposing the molecules of the lotion and making them impact on the skin, thus detaching the dead cells.
        We will get a clean skin and prepared for a deep extraction if it’s necessary. We can use the clean function with the stainless steel bracelet, for a deep cleaning of the follicular canal. This creates a closed loop effect with a positive pole (Spatula) and a negative pole (Bracelet) like a pile.

        With this effect the bracelet attracts positive ions and spatula attracts negative ions, separating the salts from the epicutaneous emulsion, splitting them into chlorine ions that will be attracted by the bracelet and sodium ions attracted by the spatula, the latter (sodium) mixed with water will give us caustic soda, that mixed with the fat will give us SOAP. Thus we achieve a chemical effect of deep detrsion or pore spaonification.

        The following regenaration functions, introduction of active ingredients and toning we will do it by placing the spatula flat (Inverted) on the skin.

        On the Regenaration function (wrinkle tone) the emission of the ultrasonic vibration is continuous, the micro massage manages to stimulate the tissues achieving an increase in blood flow, contributing nutrients and increasing the permeability of the cell membrane. Depending on the applied cosmetic we can provide the active principle what else interests us according to the treatment through sonophoresis (penetration of active ingredients by ultrasonic vibration).

        In this case, we will act by moving the spatula lightly and without stopping it because it will feel an increase in temperature. We will make several general passes through the face. In this way we will obtain a general stimulation of all the skin of the face and neckline.
        Using this function (wrinkle tone) with stainless steel bracelet allows us to transmit galvanic current, with this passage of current there is a hyperemia getting regenerate, providing oxygen and nutrients. Another application is iontophoresis (penetration of ionically charged active substances).

        In tonification function (Tone & Pulse) the micro vibrations are discontinuous. In this function we could say that we would obtain an “ultrasonic hammer” with greater penetration capacity, that will allow us to work at muscular level and a greater penetration of the active principles by sonophoresis, performs a regeneration from the basal layer, toning and relief of tension in the facial muscles.
        In this case we can pass the spatula carefully over specific facial wrinkles, ya que no se incrementa la temperatura en un nivel acusado como en el wrinkle tone. This means that we can also work expression wrinkles and penetrate roads in these specific areas when get’s necessary.
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