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Collagen is a human protein made of fibroblast and localised in the dermis. This protein, together with elsatin, hold the skin and are responsible for its firmness, elasticity and flexibility. Research has shown that during the process of aging, specially after 30, skin starts losing the capacity of producing its own collagen protein. That is why fine lines and wringkles start to appear.

Pure red light (not laser) stimulates the natural process of the body to produce collagen and elastin proteins.

The best kind of light for this purpose is 633 nanometers. This red light can get to the deepest layer of the skin, providing energy to the cells and increasing the production of collagen and elastin. Moreover, this rejuvenating method is much more effective than any collagen cream, because creams only affect the superficial layer of the skin and can not reach the dermis, which is where collagen is produced.