Professional range of anti-cellulite, draining, reductor and toning gels. Each of them is created to have a treatment for every need. These gels are intended for salon use in combination with professional equipment, but can also be sold and used at home. In combination with the professional equipment they become a holistic solution to most aesthetic concerns.


Reducing gel, formulated based on caffeine and ivy extract, favoring the release of accumulated lipids in fat cells and a good metabolic stimulant.

Specific for Thermolipolysis treatments, in cases of localized volume increase and lipid overloads.

Specific treatment for localised fat, obesity and cellulite. Very soft and pleasant smell.



Active reducing gel with Biorubin and Pineapple extract. Biorubin is a natural complex that activates the lipolysis of localized fat.

Specific for thermolipolysis treatments and very suitable for application by ultrasonic sonophoresis.

Powerful anti-cellulite that activates lipolysis in localised fat.



Firming gel based on horsetail and gingko biloba, with reducing and toning effect. Specific for thermolipolysis treatments, in cases of pronounced sagging or tissue atony.



Aqueous theophylline gel with reducing and anti-cellulite effect. Activates the elimination of cellular metabolic wastes. Specific for treatments of Thermolipolysis, pressotherapy and for reducing post-treatments. Especially indicated for cases of tired legs.

Suitable for cellulite, post- obesity and edema.



Perfect complement for reducing treatments.

It has a powerful drainage effect. Anti-inflammatory, decongestant and it stimulates the cutaneous microcirculation. Very creamy and easy to slide. Due to its high content of seaweed it is recommended to ask the patient if they have thyroid problems.

It is recommended for people who spend a lot of time standing up or sitting for long hours, pregnant women, swollen feet and ankles, etc. It activates the circulation and produces a diuretic effect that helps eliminate toxins.

Recommended with pressotherapy treatments.


It is an ideal conductive gel for radiofrequency.

It is composed of Ivy and Fucus.

It also contains active ingredients that favor reaffirmation.

It also reduces cellulite and serves as an accelerator for the disappearance of fat nodules.

It provides hydration and elasticity to the skin, toning the tissues.