ENDO is our Endomasaje equipment that incorporates triple work technique:

  1. Deep suction massage.
  2. Negative pressure.
  3. Drag massage with rollers.

The simultaneous application of the three techniques allows up to 50 different treatments, optimized by 4 different morphologies plus a universal, that are also differentiated by sex.

ENDO incorpored a sistem of control of automatic suction that regulates the drainage with the action of its rollers.

  1. Mobilizes intersistial fluids.
  2. Realise the venous flow.
  3. Activates the action of fibroblasts, recovering the quality of the collagen network.
  4. Stimulates the dermis and the hypodermis.
  5. Extends connective fibers for better mobility.
  1. Control the equipment by security codes.
  2. Counter of hours and sessions.
  3. Digital pressure indicator.
  4. Working frequency and adjustable suction.
  5. Programs for each body area.
  6. Two work accessories: rollers and suction.