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Nirvana Laser

The NIRVANA GDS Diode laser is a unique equipment for permanent hair removal, manufactured entirely in Europe.

NIRVANA GDS uniquely manages energy, always guaranteeing the same firing power, even in laser sessions in Motion mode.

It's an innovative scanning system that emits continuous laser light covering the area to be shaved and distributing the energy in a homogeneous way. Equipped with two working modes: Standard, with a single low frequency pass; and Motion, with which several high-frequency passes through the same area are made, so it is painless, very fast and efficient.

NIRVANA GDS achieves optimal hair removal on all skin phototypes, even in the darkest or tanned skin, so it can be applied throughout the year.

Our diode laser allows the definitive removal of hair without damaging the surrounding tissues, since it is based on selective photothermolysis, which directs the laser emission only to the hair.

Advantage over other systems:

  • Stack clamp systems instead of soldier

  • Stable refrigeration

  • insurance

  • Speed

  • Flexible

What are your applications?

  • Hair removal

  • Anti-aging rejuvenation

  • Small wrinkles

How does it work?

It incorporates a new technology that allows the maximum power to be concentrated in a diode stack, so that with only 4 bars of 300 W we can supply 1200 W. of real power, in addition, guaranteed throughout long treatments.

More power and longer life, 15,000,000 guaranteed shots and life tests of up to 50,000,000 shots.

The Benefits of Nirvana Laser:

  • Most effective technology

  • 15,000,000 shot insurers or more

  • Greater range of potential customers

  • Speed of treatment

  • Less painful

  • Maximum profitability

Technical characteristics:

  • Equipment with 808 nm Diode Laser system.
  • Creep: 5 to 65 J / cm2 (40 J / cm2 per software)
  • TFT touch screen control.
  • Pulse duration: Incredible, from 10 to 100 ms adjustable.
  • Pulse Rate: 1 to 10 Hz. (Manual mode: up to 4 Hz. Motion mode: 5 to 10 Hz.)
  • Spot: 10 × 10 mm. 15 million shots.
  • Type of skins: phototype I to VI
  • Diode Power: 1,200 w.
  • Cooling: Sapphire 18 mm diameter, Work from 0 to -5º.
  • Desktop computer 28 Kg. Dimensions: 390 x 505 x 540 mm.
  • Intelligent energy management and calibration.
  • Multi-voltage: 230 - 110 v / 50 - 60 Hz
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