Spectacular results in venous and lymphatic circulation


Vacuumther Pro is the most complete equipment with suction cups of different types for a wide variety of treatments.

Vacuumther introduces in the market a new concept in the world of cupping equipment with a more complete system thanks to a great effort in I + D, developed by the team of the eminent orthopedic surgeon, Dr. José Maria Gil Vicent.

The suckers, also known as ventosaterapia, consists of placing glass elements on the skin (suction cups), we remove the air inside it so that it sucks the skin of the region to be treated. With this we get the pathogen factor to go outside, we promote blood and energy circulation in the area, We remove obstructions and calm the pain.


The use of Vacuumther Pro is very simple and safe.

It occupies little space and is very practical given its ability to simultaneous or altered suction depending on the treatment to be performed.

It has 36 facial and body preset programs, from facial and body drains, anti-aging, stains, energetic,… based on the different seasons of the year.

Includes 10 suction cups: 4 facial and 6 body suction cups of 5 different sizes and shapes.


It promotes venous and lymphatic circulation.

Spectacular and visible results from the first session in circulatory treatments.

Externally it causes rapid tissue renewal, regeneration of the epidermis and connective tissue.

The result is younger and healthier skin.

  • Circulatory disorders
  • Edemas
  • Osteoarthritis or rheumatism
  • Chronic eczema, allergies, acne
  • Stress therapy, relaxing effect
  • Acts as a helper in treatments of: cellulite and weight loss, in the treatment of headaches and migraine.
Technical characteristics

Tension: 220 – 230 VC / 50 Hz. (Optional: 100 – 120 VC / 60 Hz.)

Consumption: 50W

Fuse: 2 x 1.5A (5 x 20mm)

Suction level: 20 liters at 740mmHg

2 independent outputs

Touch screen with very visual and intuitive software

35 Body programs and 14 Predefined Facials

Weight: 8.5 kg


            Tall: 140 mm

            Width: 480 mm

            Deep: 350 mm