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Presojet Morfologic® Pro+

Presojet Morfologic® Pro + is our new pressure therapy equipment with Morfologic technology, which treats the client based on all the decisive body parameters for a customized and personalized treatment.

Use inflatable boots and arms that produce pumping, compressions and rhythmic decompressions with effects very similar to a manual lympho-draining massage. It also offers nine different programs, to perform an à la carte job for each client.

Not only can we treat different circulatory problems at the lymphatic and blood levels, but we can also choose specific programs for muscle massages, cellulite and pregnancy.

There are 2 versions:


What are your applications?

  • It improves cellulite

  • Help with obesity

  • Fight sagging

  • It improves tired legs

  • Relieves poor circulation

  • Reduce insomnia

  • Ideal for a postoperative period

  • Help with menopause symptoms

  • Reduce stress

  • It is perfect for after pregnancy

  • Ideal for athletes

How does it work?

The treatments are carried out through inflatable boots adaptable to each client.

The sectors of the boots swell with air, applying pressures and decompressions sequentially.

In addition, during the swelling of the sectors it transmits a micro-vibration with pressure and pumping effect, exclusive to ENCO to enhance both venous and lymphatic treatments.

The Benefits of Presojet Morfologic® Pro +:

  • Reactivates the circulatory and lymphatic system
  • Increase body oxygenation
  • It stimulates the immune system
  • Reabsorb edema
  • Relieves heavy legs and tones muscles
  • Eliminate cellulite nodules
  • Prevents the formation of new cellulite
  • Model and reaffirm buttocks and legs

What effects does it have?

Draining Effect:

Collect, clean and return the interstitial fluid to the blood, leading it through its natural vessels or diverting it to other functional areas, creating new connections between different vessels or opening existing pathways. It removes excess fluid (edema) that is the main cause of cellulite and performs a sweeping effect on the most congested tissues, reducing its volume.

Neurovegetative Effect:

It produces a sedative and relaxing effect at the level of the vegetative or autonomous nervous system, by action on the parasympathetic system.

Effects on the musculature:

On smooth and striated muscle: acts on the muscles of the intestinal wall, stimulating intestinal contractions. It is very useful in the treatment of constipation. It also tones the walls of the arteries and enhances the movement of the lymphatic vessels.

On striated musculature: exerts a regulatory action of muscle tonism.

Effects on the immune system:

Boosts the immune system, by draining the tissues, ensuring a better flow of white blood cells to all tissues.

Technical characteristics:

  • Voltage: 110-230V / 50Hz-60Hz

  • Consumption: 50W

  • Weight: 8.5Kg

  • Dimensions: 14 x 48 x 35cm

  • New 10” capacitive touch screen

  • Enhanced Intuitive Software, zone inhibitor, program chaining, 50 programs, etc.

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